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(SEO Services) Search Engine Optimization India

New Media Planman Technologies offer top class Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to our clients.  We create SEO friendly website and promote it throgh Organic Search Engine Optimization in world wide.  We generate good traffic through our SEO techniques and make good  smile on our client faces which will give him Business and ROI.

We help to our client with analysis of website and business, competitor analysis, industries analysis Our foucus only generate good search engine ranking results and traffic on the website. Also we see the existing website is sufficent for SEO or it could be redesign according to search engine friendly.


Our SEO Strategy:

  • Website Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Keywords Analysis
  • Keywords Suggestion
  • Benchmark Report
  • Meta tags generation and implementaion
  •  Optimization of Title Tags for new pages
  •  Optimization of Description Tags for new pages
  •  Optimization of Keywords Tags for new pages
  •   Introduction of ALT attributes
  •  Integration of New content
  •    Modification of site Maps
  • Optimization
  • Google sitemap creation in XML
  • Yahoo sitemap
  • Robot.txt generation
  • Google Analytics
  • Local Optimization
  • Directories and search engine submission manual and paid

You can see our website and our other services:
Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Pay Per click, Lin Building, email Marketing, Blog, articles, Website design, Flash presentation etc.





How to Generate Good Website Traffic

How you can generate huge traffic on the website? I would like to share with you that how we can get good traffic on the website. (http://newmedia.planmantechnologies.com)

There are lots of way to get traffic on the website. First of all if you are promoting your website, think how can get good traffic. Good SEO technique bring you lot of visitors on the website. If you target good keywords on the website and your website getting good result in the search engines on top  defentatly traffic would be there.  But keywords should be more competative so that visitors can reach you through your good website pisitioning in the search Engines. This is first way to get good traffic.  We can help you in the Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing etc.

Write articles related your website can generate good traffic.  Try to explain each and everything related to your website use keywords in the content and also use your website name in the articles, so it will help you to generate back link as well as traffic on the website.  Articles should be more interesting so people read properly and get benefit from it.  Dont make confuse to user otherwise he can leave your articles.  Please try to write good articles and submitted in the articles directories etc.

Press Releases:
Press Release one more option can genearte good traffic on the website.  Try to post press release related to your website and business activites in your organization or company will generate huge traffic on the website. We can help you to write press release and posting. 

Blog posting can bring you more traffic on the website. Try to post your business related  blog which will bring you more traffic on the website. Try to write good content and use your related keywords and also put your website name in the blog or you can cross link some of good keywords with your main website, generate back links and traffic on the website. Also submit your comment on others blogs and use your blog or website which can help you to generate traffic and search engine result. 

Other Activities:
Run PPC Campaign can you bring  you more traffic and business. (Google Adword, Yahoo and MSN )
Social media optimization can generate huge traffic on the website.
Link Building also one option you can add other’s site link on your website and ask other’s to put your website link in their website which bring you good traffic as well.
Youtube also help to generate good traffic on the website but you have to use fourms and blogs, articles and share your views and inform to users and make aware regarding your blogs, youtube which will help you to get good traffic on the website.


Search Engine Marketing, SEO/SEM and Website Design

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – help to generate website traffic and search engine ranking with the help of SEO, link building, pay per click, social media optimization, email marketing, viral marketing etc.
You can visible in the search engines and generate huge traffic, business, leads etc.

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New Media Studio – Planman Technologies – Search Engine Optimization

New Media Studio http://newmedia.planmantechnologies.com provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services help to improve your website ranking and generate business and ROI through your website and also save your time. We are also help to make your website SEO friendly while SEO for website and make sure your site get good result in the search engines.

What we do :

Analysis your website
Review your site and structure
Analalysis website content
Also help to generate meta tags, implementation and all the technical advice for SEO
Keywords Research and suggest good keywords which generate revenue
Search Engines and Directories submission
Also use google analytic for tracking userbility etc.

our other services are:
Branding & Communication
Website Design & Development
Hybrid Solutions
Search Engine Marketing
Social Media Optimization